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When an employee alleges a workplace or work-related injury, he may file a worker's compensation claim to collect benefits to cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent loss of physical function. Businesses are required by law to carry worker's compensation insurance from an insurance carrier or under a self-insured policy.

If an employee’s worker's comp claim is suspicious, it is imperative that you contact a skilled worker's compensation attorney who will listen to your concerns and advise you on the right to deny the claim.

As an insurance carrier or an self-insured employer, you may deny a worker's compensation claim if you suspect that the injuries claimed by the employee were not work-related. Our attorneys have significant experience representing insurers and employers in worker's compensation disputes.

We encourage insurers and self-insured employers to resolve such disputes through mediation or arbitration. However, our attorneys have extensive experience defending employers at Single Member Hearings, Full Board Hearings, and in appeals. We have experience interacting with Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Experienced Indianapolis Worker's Compensation Lawyers

At Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP, we will thoroughly examine the worker's compensation claim filed by the employee. We look for errors or inconsistencies that support your decision to deny the claim. We believe that an early evaluation is essential to minimizing liability and damage exposure.

You have the right to protect your business. We help you preserve your business interests by evaluating and resolving cases as effectively and expeditiously as possible.

For more information about our worker's compensation practice, contact Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP at 317-635-7700 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our goal is to provide clients with effective, efficient and responsive service.

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