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Usually, an individual is fired from his or her job because of poor performance. When this is not the cause of an individual's dismissal, it may be considered to be a wrongful termination. This, along with other employment-related issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination, falls under the category of business litigation.

At Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP, we are committed to reaching fair resolutions for clients who are involved in legal disputes. If this can only be reached by bringing a case to court, we are prepared to do so. Our firm handles wrongful termination cases on the behalf of businesses and employers. If you are an employer facing an accusation of wrongful termination, our attorneys are here to help you build a strong defense against the claim. We will work aggressively to ensure that your company's reputation is protected throughout the case.

What Is a Wrongful Termination?

A wrongful termination is defined as any instance of firing an employee for an illegal reason. Some examples of illegal reasons to fire an employee include:

  • Firing the employee because he or she refused to engage in an illegal activity or commit a criminal act for the company.
  • Termination as a form of discrimination. This may include firing an employee because of their race, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or national origin.
  • Termination as a form of retaliation. If the employee performed a "protected activity," the employer is not allowed to fire him or her because of this activity. Protected activities include filing a claim for harassment or discrimination, discussing his or her plan to file this claim with other employees, or picketing outside the company. Unless the activity interferes with the company's daily operation or harms its employees in any way, the employee performing it may not be terminated on the grounds of engaging in it. Individuals who expose illegal or unethical activity at a company, known as "whistleblowers," are legally protected against wrongful termination as well.

Any employer that does not follow its own termination procedures may also be found liable for wrongfully terminating the employee. This may be considered to be a breach of contract if the terms of the employee's contract were violated when he or she was terminated.

In many cases, an employee may attempt to file a wrongful discrimination lawsuit even if he or she was fired for good cause. In these situations, we will advocate aggressively on your behalf to fight these allegations. Our attorneys are experienced in representing employers in employment practices disputes that may compromise your business.

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