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There are two types of insurance claims: first party claims and third party claims. A first party insurance claim is a claim that an insured party makes against his or her insurance provider. An example of this is a homeowner whose house is destroyed by a tornado filing a claim with his or her homeowner's insurance provider. The compensation sought in this case is intended to cover damages accrued by the insured party.

A third party insurance claim, on the other hand, is a claim filed against one's insurance provider for damages sustained by another party. For example, if an individual shopping at a supermarket slips on a wet spot on the floor, falls, and suffers from a concussion, the supermarket owner may file a claim with his or her insurance provider to receive compensation for the victim. Another example of a third party insurance claim is a claim made by an employer to his or her >workers' compensation insurance provider.

If someone files a claim with an insurance provider for benefits or compensation, they are the claimant in a first party litigation case. As an insurance provider, it is important to understand your role in first party litigation and to seek an attorney who has experience in this area of insurance litigation. At Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP, we put our clients first. Our insurance defense attorneys are skilled litigators with a track record that precedes them in the courtroom. When it comes to skilled litigation and experience, you can trust our attorneys to guide you throughout the process from the onset of your initial consultation.

Litigation for Insurance Claims

Litigation is the process of taking legal action. Usually, this refers to the process of bringing a claim to court to have the court reach a settlement for the parties involved. The term "litigation" is used in contrast to "arbitration," "mediation," and "alternative dispute resolution," all of which are methods for reaching settlements that occur outside the courtroom. When a claim cannot be resolved through a traditional settlement process, it may need to be resolved through the court.

Types of Cases You May Litigate

Insurance claims may be resolved through litigation. As an insurance company, you might find yourself involved in a bad faith claim filed by one of your insureds. If you are unsure about whether an action may be considered to be an act of bad faith or if a particular type of loss is covered in a policy, contact an insurance attorney. Our knowledgeable insurance defense lawyers can provide guidance and aggressive representation in first party litigation.

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