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A bad faith claim is a tort claim filed against an insurance company for an alleged violation of its duty to provide sincere, honest dealings with its clients.

This type of claim usually alleges that an insurance provider failed to treat its client appropriately or fairly. Individuals may also file bad faith claims if they feel that the company did not comply with state-specific laws about how to handle their initial claim.

A bad faith claim can be very complicated. If you are an insurance carrier and are facing a bad faith claim, first speak with a knowledgeable insurance defense attorney who has experience working with bad faith claims.

At Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP, our aggressive litigators are experienced in dealing with bad faith claims and other complex matters that may arise in this complicated area of law. Our attorneys can explain to you Indiana's laws regarding insurance claims and provide aggressive representation during litigation.

How Can an Insurance Company Act in Bad Faith?

There are many ways an insurance provider can fall short of its duty to provide service in good faith. Some of these ways include:

  • Failure to quickly process a legitimate claim for insurance benefits after an incident
  • Claiming benefits are not covered by the policy, despite the policy stating they are
  • Low balling, or submitting an offer for compensation that is unreasonably low and cannot adequately meet the claimant’s needs
  • Losing, claiming to have lost, or claiming to have never received pertinent information regarding the claim that the claimant has a record of sending to the company
  • Paying only partial benefits when the claimant is entitled to receive full benefits for their claim
  • Demanding that an insured party provide the company with unreasonable documentation in order to receive benefits
  • Failure to conduct a thorough investigation of a claim before offering a settlement package
  • Hiring experts to side with the company rather than working with objective medical and other experts to determine an appropriate settlement amount
  • Failing to live up to its promises and representation in its marketing
  • Failing to follow the laws of how to file and handle insurance claims in the claimant's state

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