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Professional liability insurance exists to prevent professional advice and service providers from being required to pay the full cost of defense against a client's claim of negligence, as well as any damages that the client recovers through a successful civil lawsuit.

This type of insurance is tailored to professionals. Unlike general liability insurance, which can cover damages for a wide range of claims, professional liability insurance only covers any alleged failures and financial losses stemming from professional shortcomings in the defendant's service or product. This type of insurance is commonly referred to as errors and omissions insurance because it covers any damages caused by oversights and mistakes on the part of the professional service provider.

If you are facing a professional liability claim, contact an experienced professional liability defense attorney at Due Doyle Fanning & Alderfer, LLP as soon as possible. When you are a defendant in this type of case, you need to be proactive and begin working on your defense as soon as possible.

What Professional Liability Insurance Covers

Professional liability insurance policies can cover a wide range of potential claims that a company may face. Talk with your insurance agent about the specific claims covered by your policy. The list below contains a general overview of the liability expenses that are usually covered by this type of policy, but you should not assume that it accurately represents the policy that you hold. Many policies cover the following:

  • Defense costs of litigation and other forms of legal settlement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Claims and damages
  • Claims from past services
  • Alleged or actual negligence on your part

The following costs are usually not covered by professional liability insurance policies:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personally identifying information
  • Trade secrets
  • False advertising
  • Fraudulent acts
  • Issues related to employment and labor

Professionals Who Purchase This Type of Insurance

There are certain professions that necessitate the purchase of a professional liability insurance policy. These professions generally involve providing and keeping confidential information or providing necessary, sometimes life-saving, services. Examples of professionals who hold this type of policy include:

  • Insurance agents, brokers, and consultants
  • Accountants and other professionals in the financial services field
  • Plumbers and other construction professionals
  • Transportation professionals
  • Therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and psychologists

Doctors also purchase professional liability insurance. Policies for doctors are known as malpractice insurance, and they provide coverage for any claims of medical negligence.

Some nonprofit organizations and charities purchase professional liability insurance as well. This is to protect their interests and pay damages in claims involving issues such as mishandling employees' health plans and retirement funds.

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